One Survey Per Organization

Organizations only need to complete this survey ONCE in order to be considered for Tacoma Creates funding. 

If you are unsure if your organization has already submitted this form, please contact Clarissa Gines, Tacoma Creates Program Coordinator, at 

About this Survey

Tacoma-based arts, culture, heritage, and science organizations that provide public programming in Tacoma are invited to complete the Tacoma Creates Pre-Application Survey. This survey is intended to help the City of Tacoma’s Office of Arts & Cultural Vitality understand the field of organizations who may be eligible to apply for Tacoma Creates funding. It will also help us plan appropriate Tacoma Creates funding programs and capacity building opportunities. 

Only one person per organization should complete this survey. 

All organizations that are interested in applying for Tacoma Creates funding are required to complete this survey as a first step. 

Please help spread the word about this survey and share the survey link with other Tacoma-based arts, culture, heritage, and science organizations!

What's next?

All survey respondents will receive email communication about upcoming Tacoma Creates funding applications, workshops, and programming. 

The first round of Tacoma Creates funding will be focused on planning and sustainability and will include in-depth data gathering and participation in capacity building opportunities. 

Organizations that complete this Pre-Application Survey by September 23, 2019, and that meet current eligibility requirements, will receive an invitation to apply for the 2019 Planning and Capacity Building funding between September 9 and 30, 2019.

What is Tacoma Creates?

Tacoma Creates is a voter-approved initiative to increase access to arts, culture, heritage, and science experiences throughout Tacoma by reducing barriers to access and expanding offerings, particularly for underserved youth. 

Find out more about Tacoma Creates at 

Tacoma Creates Eligibility

Eligibility for Tacoma Crates funding extends to any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Tacoma, whose primary purpose is the advancement or preservation of arts, culture, heritage, or science. These organizations must also have at least a two-year track record of directly providing programming or experiences in Tacoma available to the general public.  Organizations that do not have 501(c)(3) status, but meet other eligibility criteria, may be fiscally sponsored by eligible organizations. 

Excluded from eligibility is any agency of the state or any of its political subdivisions; any municipal corporation; any organization that raises funds for redistribution to multiple cultural organizations; and any radio or television broadcasting network or station, cable communications system, internet-based communications venture or service, newspaper, or magazine.  



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