The Tacoma Arts Commission and its staff play a vital role in supporting Tacoma's arts and cultural programs. They encourage the development of the local arts community through the administration of arts and cultural funding programs, managing the City's public art collection, and producing a variety of public programs that enhance and contribute to Tacoma's local economy.

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Ends on May 1, 2017


The Tacoma Community Redevelopment Authority, in partnership with the City of Tacoma, is seeking two artists and/or artist teams to create artwork for two different opportunities at Valhalla Hall: an exterior mural and an exterior gate. The artworks should add interest and character to the building and enliven the entry experience for residents and visitors. Artists may apply for both opportunities, however a separate set of images and question responses need to be submitted for each opportunity. 

Valhalla Hall is located at 1216 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma, WA.


·         Applicant(s) must live within the official city limits of Tacoma, WA

·         Panel will prioritize applicant(s) with a connection to the Hilltop community

·         Applicant(s) can apply as a single artist or as an artist team

·         Applicant(s) must be 18 years or older and not a full-time student

·         Applicant(s) cannot be a member of the Tacoma Arts Commission, an employee of the City of Tacoma, or serve on the Tacoma Community Redevelopment Authority board

·         Applicant(s) can apply for and be considered for one or both of the public art opportunities outlined in this call

People who are members of historically disenfranchised racial, ethnic, cultural, and other identity groups are encouraged to apply.